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15 November : Event - NASA's In-Space Manufacturing Project: Using the International Space Statio...

NASA's In-Space Manufacturing Project: Using the International Space Station as a Testbed for Manufacturing Technology

Monday, 15 November 13:00 - 14:00 PST (UTC-8)
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NASA's In-Space Manufacturing (ISM) project works with commercial partners to develop the manufacturing and materials technologies that will reduce logistics on future space missions by providing on-demand manufacturing and recycling capabilities. This session features several ISM commercial partners and will highlight their work on developing metal manufacturing systems for International Space Station demonstrations, recyclable materials for launch packaging, and in-process monitoring approaches for on-orbit quality control.

Moderator: Alexander Blanchard, Technical Lead, Recycling and Reuse, NASA

Kevin DiMarzio, Vice President, Business Development, Made In Space

Ian Fuller, Research Engineer/Team Leader, Cornerstone Research Group

Andy Kurk, Program Manager, TechShot

Session Hosts

Phillip Hall - National Aeronautics And Space Administration, Organizer

Alexander J Blanchard - , Organizer

Collaborative Session