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08 November : Event - Human Rights in Space – The Right to Health

Human Rights in Space – The Right to Health

Monday, 08 November 11:45 - 12:45 PST (UTC-8)
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The extra-terrestrial extension of human rights values and principles surrounding the recognized right to health will play a crucial role in supporting human activities across the final frontier.

Moderator: Jonathan Lim, Space & Cybersecurity Project Group, Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC); and Founder & Project Co-Lead, Jus Ad Astra

Rowena Christiansen, Medical Educator, University of Melbourne; and Founder, the ad astra vita project

Alyson Decker, Owner, Alyson Claire Law; and Legal Advisor, Jus Ad Astra

AJ Link, Research Director, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Jus Ad Astra

Cristian Van Eijk, Legal Advisor, Jus Ad Astra

Session Hosts

Jonathan Lim - Jus Ad Astra, Organizer

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