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17 November : Event - Trusted Sharing of Space Cybersecurity Knowledge: Aerospace Village

Trusted Sharing of Space Cybersecurity Knowledge: Aerospace Village

Wednesday, 17 November 13:00 - 14:00 PST (UTC-8)
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Cybersecurity across the aerospace sector greatly benefits from the increased collaboration between government, industry, and hackers that has been kick-started by a grassroots effort to build trust between key stakeholders. Understand the change in attitude seen across government and industry increasing their willingness to engage with security researchers. Learn how a simple idea is growing more engagements with these key stakeholders, particularly across the space segment. Appreciate the value these efforts provide to creating a workforce that is capable of addressing future challenges.

Steve Luczynski, Board Chairman, Aerospace Village

Matt Martin, Director, Aerospace Village

Session Hosts

Matt Mayes - Aerospace Village, Organizer

Collaborative Session
Summit Ballroom 212-213