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16 November : Event - Cyber Star Space Power Projection Game

Cyber Star Space Power Projection Game

Tuesday, 16 November 15:30 - 17:00 PST (UTC-8)
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The 2017 National Security Strategy declares space a strategic asset essential to U.S. national security. Space is essential to finance and communications, military and intelligence, weather and navigation, and much more. Accordingly, it is U.S. policy to maintain leadership and freedom of action in space. U.S. leadership in space, however, is coming under increasing challenge from other nations. Many countries are investing in space capabilities to support their own strategic objectives. Some believe that the ability to attack space assets offers an asymmetric advantage and, as a result, are pursuing a range of anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons, including both kinetic and non-kinetic weapons that physically damage satellites and ground stations, and electronic and cyber weapons that disrupt the function of satellites and ground stations. The United States will meet any harmful interference with or attack upon critical components that directly affect vital national interests with a deliberate response at a time, place, manner, and domain of its choosing. Cyber Star is a role-playing exercise exploring the implications of cybersecurity on the projection of space power. Anywhere from 3 to 50 people can compete to become the predominant space power by carefully investing in space assets, ASAT weapons, and cyber capabilities both to advance their own objectives, and thwart those of their opponents. No specialized knowledge or skills are required to participate. A facilitator-led debrief at the conclusion of the exercise will help relate participant experiences to growing and emerging trends in international space and cyber strategy.

Rick White, Adjunct Professor, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

Session Hosts

Rick White - University Of Colorado Colorado Springs, Organizer

Collaborative Session
Summit Ballroom 212-213