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24 October : Session - Satellite Orbital Safety Best Practices

Satellite Orbital Safety Best Practices

Monday, 24 October 11:15 - 12:15 PDT (UTC-7)
Following a panel discussion at 2021 ASCEND the three current major constellation operators, SpaceX, OneWeb and Iridium, worked together to discuss and document best practices. Leveraging the work of others, including NASA, the 18th Space Control Squadron, Secure World, and the Space Safety Coalition, the group derived a consolidated, high-level set of recommended best practices that span design, launch, orbital operations, and disposal that go beyond some of the tactical suggestions addressed in the referenced works. The intent was to document how a majority of existing satellites are operating and provide a foundation for further analysis toward a broader industry consensus. The session will present and examine the resulting recommendations.

Moderator: Matt Hejduk, Senior Project Leader, The Aerospace Corporation

Dan Dumbacher, Executive Director, AIAA

John Guiney, Vice President, Fleet Operations Management, OneWeb

Dave Goldstein, Principal Guidance, Navigation and Control Engineer, SpaceX

Ryan Shepperd, Mission Planning and Orbital Analyst, SSA Lead, Iridium
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